Monday, April 18, 2011

Savage spring!!!

It was an exciting spring season…

Morning glories were smiling around..

Refreshing breeze humming the melodious notes…

Robins were chirping over the flowery branches..

Red roses spreading the lovely fragrance.. was a morning of yielding Love!!! was an exciting spring season!!! was an exciting spring season!!!

She was waiting for her sweet heart…

She was waiting for her secret Love…

The sun was shining like her thrilling heart..

The restless fingers rubbing her lovely chin... last the meadow flowered with his inspiring smile!!!

Her lovely face blushed like a fresh red rose..

Oh was the blooming moment of tender Love!!!

Oh.. it was the marvelous moment of amazing Love!!

His restless lips uttering her sweet name..

His courageous love hugging her throbbing heart..

His shivering fingers were fondling her lovely hairs

His whispers uttering the frantic Love..

Oh was the splendor real Love!!

Oh.. it was a morning of overflowing Love!!

Oh.. it was a morning of alluring Love!!

Oh it was savage spring season..

Savage savage spring season..

Police whistles overruled the lovely garden solace...

City petrol tackled him with their vigilant eyes..

Oh ..he was a notorious killer by profession..

Oh.. it was a strange strange love affair.

Oh .. it was a savage savage love affair..

Oh it was strange spring season …

Savage savage spring season!!!

Savage savage spring season!!!